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GostStandard held on November 4 press conference to discuss the main aspects to improve the quality and competitiveness of Belarusian producers, as well as increasing of export potential and programs development, on the basis of which the government is now working. This conference was held specifically for the Quality World Day, which is usually celebrated in Belarus and all over the world on second Thursday of November.


On the second Thursday of November is traditionally celebrated World Quality Day.

In 2014, this day fell on November 13. The initiator of the celebration of the quality day of the last 20 years is the European Organization for Quality, which operates with the support of the United Nations.

Annually since the 90s, during the holiday is held a week of quality. This week was also this year in the period from 10 to 16 November and held under the slogan “Winning through Quality”.

In Belarus, during the week of quality was such activities as:

– Open Days;

– Hot line on issues of quality of certain products and services;

– Seminars and round tables;

– Industrial exhibitions and meetings to discuss the most pressing issues related to improving the quality of Belarusian products and its competitiveness to foreign goods;

-Other Activities.

The main goal of these activities, to draw public attention to the quality of purchased products and delivered services in Belarus, as well as exchange of experience in the development of modern requirements for production on the application of internationally recognized management system tools, etc. In addition, within the last week of quality people could share and get new knowledge and skills in various industrial fields.

SUE “Mogilev CSMC” organized a round table on the development of small and medium-sized businesses of Mogilev region, whose example followed SUE “Brest CSMC”, having the same round table on which decided the questions of the conformity assessment of electrical and mechanical engineering products to requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union.

Open Day was held at the enterprise “Gomel CSMC.” Here everyone could get acquainted with the work of the Centre to assistance in the application of technical regulations of the Customs Union, as well as other activities of the enterprise. Visitors were able to attend the Open Day and testing of building materials and products.

In BelSISC was a meeting of the National Technical Committee for Standardization TK BY 4 “Quality Management”. At this meeting was discussed issues on the development of ISO / TC 176 “Quality management and software quality assurance”, issues relating to new approaches in using the module “Electronic Technical Committees” (“e-TK”) and others.

In SUE “Polotsk CSMC” was held a meeting with representatives of peasant farms of Belarus, where discussed questions of compliance of agricultural products to CU technical regulations 021/2011 “On food safety”.



Heads of national bodies for standardization, metrology and certification of CIS countries held a meeting in Baku.

A huge number of important people related to standardization, metrology and certification came to this meeting on November 4.

In this event took part delegations of the national authorities of this industry, as well as leaders of the Standards Bureau of the Interstate Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification and the members of the Executive Committee of the CIS.

The participants of the meeting has to solve about 20 major undecided in full issues related to standardization, metrology and certification of CIS countries. In particular, there were discussed issues on the implementation of the work on the drafting of technical requirements for the system of information security (IS), activities of Interstate Council, the improvement of the interstate technical committees for standardization and several others. Also there were checked important position on the implementation of international programs and plans.

Participants of the meeting paid particular attention to realization of Art. 11 of an agreement on free trade zone of CIS member states from 18.10.11, “Technical Barriers in Trade” and the issue of the draft agreement “On mutual recognition of accreditation of conformity assessment bodies.”


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Принцип функционирования системы менеджмента
- постановка целей и задач
- идентификация и регламентация процессов
- определение роли, ответственности, полномочий персонала
- идентификация и планирование ресурсов
- организационная структура
- планируемые действия в “критических” ситуациях
Внедрение и функционирование
- управление процессами и операциями
- менеджмент ресурсов
- требования документации
- коммуникации
Оценка показателей деятельности
- мониторинг и измерение
- оценка соответствия
- анализ и управление несоответствиями
- внутренний аудит
Постоянное улучшение
- корректирующие и предупреждающие действия
- действия по улучшению
Анализ со стороны руководства
- анализ работоспособности СМ
- изменение Политики и целей в области СМ
Benefits of certification of management systems
Any organization has a management system that is a set of organizational structure, powers and responsibilities that exist within it, the business processes, labor, material and financial resources, etc. All these components are combined and interact with each other to achieve the goals of the organization. Thus, the management system is a means to achieve the goals set by the company management. However, not every system is effective, able to meet the expectations of stakeholders. Effective system allows to achieve objectives in a cost-effective and at specified time intervals. Such a system means, as a rule, strictly ordered, regulated in the optimal amount of activity that should be understandable for managers as well as for ordinary employees.

Certification of quality management systems (QMS)is carried out to confirm by the accredited certification body for management systems that the applicant organization's QMS meets the requirements of technical regulations on the QMS, and the applicant organization has the conditions and take measures for stable production (works / services) conforming to the requirements of customers and other stakeholders, regulations (NLA), technical regulations and other mandatory requirements.

Benefits of Quality Management System Certification:

Certification of the OSH management system (OHSAS) is carried out to confirm by the accredited certification body for management systems that OHSAS of applicant organization meets the requirement of STB 18001 and the applicant organization manages risks in the field of labor protection in accordance with the requirements of the NLA and the TNLA in the field of labor protection, provides a safe working environment and minimize the negative impact on staff, as well as reduces the possibility of accidents and related with them damages.

Health and safety is one aspect of domestic public policy in Belarus and is aimed at the preservation of the health of workers in the workplace.

According to the Republican target program of improving conditions and safety for 2011-2015, Inter-industry common rules for the protection of labor (as amended by decision of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus 30.09.2011 № 96) organizations are required to implement and improve the OSH management system to state standard STB 18001-2009.

Certificate of compliance STB 18001-2009 is the official documentary evidence of the effectiveness of compliance with standards in the field of health and safety.

The introduction of standard STB 18001 is true for any type of activity.

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