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In order to improve the efficiency of services provided, quarterly we conduct a survey to assess customer satisfaction. You can evaluate our work on the website using the "Evaluation forms of customer satisfaction" or download the "Application Form" and fill it.

Review results are shown in the graph, where the percentage of customers, positively assessing our company is given.

1. Whether audit (certification) brought additional value to your organization
2. Compliance of audit (certification) procedure, legal and other requirements
3. Timeliness and accessibility of information on the audit process and certification of management systems
4. Tact of the audit team
5. Qualifications and competence of experts of certification body
6. Impartiality of decisions made by auditors
7. Efficiency response to your requests
8. Degree of readiness for further cooperation
9. Will you recommend cooperation with certification body LLC "EkspOtsenka" to your partners?

The organization of the construction industry
  • Open Joint Stock Company “Gomel united building trust”
  • Open Joint Stock Company “Gomelremstroy”
  • Open Joint Stock Company “Gomeloblstroy”
  • Open Joint Stock Company “Mobile mechanized column 97 Vodstroi”
  • Open Joint Stock Company “Svetlogorsk Energoservice”
  • Additional Liability Company “New Technologies”
  • Limited liability company “Synthesis-plus”
  • Limited Liability Company “Polotsk pipeline company”
  • Limited Liability Company “Bikor”
  • Additional Liability Company “Mercury Tour”
  • Additional Liability Company “ReTehGrupp”
  • Limited Liability Company “SpetsStroySoyuz”
  • Lepelskoe municipal unitary enterprise of reclamation systems "Lepelskoe PMS"
  • The branch "Construction and installation department № 2" Open Joint Stock Company "Trust Belstromremont"
  • Open Joint Stock Company "Otdelochnik-28, Polotsk"
  • Limited Liability Company "Tapas Plus"
  • Limited Liability Company "GomelCapitalStroy"
  • Private Trade and Production Unitary Enterprise "PolyStroykhim"
  • Limited Liability Company "Micron-Technologies"
Organizations providing transportation and logistics services
  • Transport Republican Unitary Enterprise «Gomel Branch of Belarusian Railways»
  • Transport Republican Unitary Enterprise “Belarusian Shipping Company»
  • Transport Republican Unitary Enterprise “Minsk Branch of the Belarusian Railways” Minsk base (transport)
  • Private trade and production unitary enterprise “Int House “
Organizations providing engineering services
  • The municipal unitary subsidiary Enterprise “Capital Construction Svetlahorsk District”
  • Open Joint Stock Company “Orgtehstroy”
  • Limited Liability Company “NefteStroyInzhiniring”
  • Design and survey Unitary Enterprise "Gomelvodproekt"
  • Foreign Limited Liability Company “ZTE”
  • Open Joint Stock Company "Red pischevik"
Organizations providing hotel services
  • Foreign Private Unitary hotel enterprise “Minsk Princess Hotel” of Joint Stock Company “Irada» (Crowne Plaza)
Manufacture of metal products
  • Open Joint Stock Company “Rechitsa Hardware Plant”
  • Limited Liability Company “FastBuilding”
  • Limited Liability Company “Mozyrpromtehmontazh”
  • Open Joint Stock Company "Mozyrselmash"
Production of electronic products
  • Open Joint Stock Company "Vitebsk Plant of Electric Measuring Instruments"
  • unitary enterprise to provide services “PROFKON”
  • Foreign private production and trade unitary enterprise “Mirtek-engineering”
Organization of the food industry
  • Foreign Joint-Stock Company “Heineken Brewery»
  • Limited Liability Company "Antrebis"
  • Open Joint Stock Company "Rybhoz" Polesie"
  • Limited Liability Company "Slavinprodukt"
  • Open Joint Stock Company "Red pischevik"
Organization of housing and communal services
  • Public housing Unitary Enterprise “Svetoch”
  • Klimovichi unitary utility “Kommunalnik”
  • Krasnopolskaya unitary industrial utility “Zhilkommunhoz”
  • Public municipal Unitary Enterprise "Gomel rayzhilkomhoz"
  • Drybin unitary municipal enterprise "Zhilkomhoz"
Manufacture of parts and components for automotive vehicles
  • Republican Production Unitary Enterprise "Edinitsa"
  • Open Joint Stock Company “Svetlogorsk agroservis”
Manufacture of ventilation systems
  • Limited liability Company «Irridio»
Manufacture from PVC
  • Additional Liability Company “PromStroyGarant”
  • Limited Liability Company “GoldPlast”
Furniture and Wood production
  • Limited Liability Company "VUDPARTPRO"
  • Branch of the Republican unitary enterprise "Penal Colony number 2 Bobruisk"
  • Republican Unitary Enterprise "Fifteen"
Manufacture of products for goods packaging
  • Closed Joint Stock Company "FleksoFors"
Organizations providing cleaning services
  • Additional Liability Company "Cleaning-Plus»
Manufacture of garments
  • Republican Production Unitary Enterprise "Seventeen"
Production and installation of lifting equipment
  • Closed Joint Stock Company "Gomellift"
  • Open Joint Stock Company "Mogilev factory of lift mechanical engineering»
Organizations serving the heat power equipment and medical equipment
  • Limited Liability Company "Vistar engineering"
  • Foreign Limited Liability Company "Nikovila"
Providers of cable television and data services to the population
  • Joint Limited Liability Company "Cosmos TV"

And others …