Dear directors of organizations and specialist!
Practice and experience show that the development and implementation of management systems in organizations cause some difficulties related to the lack of information.

This year, the scientific and production limited liability company “EkspOtsenka” offers you to take part in training seminars:

1. Development and implementation of quality management system in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009
2. Development and implementation of the OSH management system in accordance with the requirements of STB 18001-2009
3. Development and implementation of a food safety management in accordance with the requirements of HACCP and ISO 22000 STB
4. Improvement of the management system corresponding to STB ISO 9001 and its integration with other systems
5. Leadership role in the management system
6. Internal audit of management systems in accordance with GOST ISO 19011-2013.


Participation in our seminars will help you in the implementation, certification and maintenance of up to date management systems (QMS, OHSAS, HACCP, etc.).

During the seminars, you will get answers to all your questions.

The seminars are to the heads of organizations responsible for the management system of the organization, units, quality engineers, and all who wish to improve their skills in the area of management systems.

If your organization needs training, please send a request by fax 8 (0232) 25 25 12 or by e-mail Seminars are held in all regional cities.